[News] Synchronising vision with states not easy, says Bryan

KUALA LUMPUR: Getting states on the same page when it comes to talent development in diving is one of the major challenges currently faced by Malaysia Swimming (MAS).

The national body and the National Sports Council (NSC) are now executing a 2024-2028 blueprint for diving development. One of the key priorities is to revive states which have been inactive in the sport.

As of last month, only seven to eight states have active diving programmes in Malaysia.

MAS diving technical director Bryan Nickson Lomas said it is a complicated situation.

“It is complicated because to execute a diving programme at the state level it involves numerous parties including the state association as well as the state sports council, among others,” said Bryan when contacted recently.

“Some of them are receptive to our suggestions and are very supportive.

“But then there are also others whose vision may not be the same as ours.

“For some state sports councils, their focus may be on other sports and are subsequently not very interested in developing diving.

“This is the challenge for us, aligning our vision with the states.”

The involvement of state sports councils is important as they have access to facilities and also funding to conduct development programmes.

Their athletes’ performances at the biennial Malaysia Games is one of their key performance indicators.

Among the other priorities in the diving blueprint is the development of coaches through education programmes.

Bryan disclosed that MAS together with the relevant sporting authorities have already got the ball rolling in this regard.

“We recently organised a level one coaching course which was attended by 29 people,” said Bryan.

“Most of them were former athletes but we also had a small number of coaches who came to refresh their knowledge.

“We are hoping to put together more courses this year, possibly for level two or level three as well as sport science courses specific for diving.”

Bryan had previously highlighted that the limited number of qualified coaches in the country had hampered the development of talent at the state level.

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